5 Tips To Improve Your Fun Footvolley

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5 Tips To Improve Your Fun Footvolley

Playing footvolley game can be your best consideration to enjoy your spare time or holiday weekend. Maybe, many people don’t know about this game or happen to hear about the word of “footvolley” in very first time. It’s not wrong because footvolley game is rarely known in many countries but only in limited countries and cities such as Brazil, Australia, U.K or U.S.A. In other countries, the name of footvolley maybe still strange below the fame of original beach volleyball and football games.

So, that’s why you should play footvolley if you want to get new experience in playing volley ball!

In this article, we want to give you 5 tips to improve your fun footvolley game. These tips will help you to enjoy the whole time of game or maybe make your fun game becoming more fun and entertaining! Let’s read all these tips below!

  1. First, prepare all the steps and teams. Every games should come with arrangements on position, roles and strategies. For footvolley game, all players should know their position on each side when one player becomes a leader and the others are set in each position as the supporting players. Not only you should prepare all positions and arrangements, because footvolley game is a serious game that needs big power from your foot, of course you should prepare the best condition about your legs and its flexibility.
  2. To improve your game, some stretching are very recommended thing to do. Do it for five or ten minutes and prove it to affect your movement for the game. Stretching is not only to improve your flexibility but to avoid the worst risks such as injury, pain or part of your body that feels wrong and hurt.
  3. Some customs may will cheer your teams up to win the game! You can change customs for your team and your rival team based on colors, photos or unique design. For example, your team will wear red shirt when the opposite will wear the blue shirt. The more attractive custom you all wear, it will give more lovely nuance and atmosphere for the entire time of game!
  4. To improve the fun time when playing footvolley game, place where you play it is also very important. You can choose many places : it can be your garden, near the beach or ocean or maybe the field or lonely place you haven’t visited yet. Don’t be afraid to search new place for footvolley game because it might be good for your new and challenging atmosphere.
  5. Last but not the least, to improve the fun time when play footvolley game, make sure all your friends know the basic rules of footvolley game. You can also make a limited time for every rounds so all of you will work to win in tight time. Limited time will also give you pressure to win and don’t want to lose in front of your rival teams. It will give you challenge and of course, fun feeling!

Overall, playing footvolley will be a good thing you won’t regret to try. Just ask your friends, tell them how to learn it and try it after that. Trust us, you will love to experience the whole fun and entertaining time by playing footvolley game. It’s also a very attractive game that will give many advantages: psychologically and technically for you. So make sure you enjoy every minute of playing it!

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