Basic Rules To Play Footvolley

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Basic Rules To Play Footvolley

If you feel tired of ordinary beach volleyball game and want to try something new for your free time at the beach (or when you spend holiday weekend with your friends), footvolley may can be your best recommended game. This game will give you new challenge when you used to play volleyball or football and just want to express another technique of playing. Because a good game is not only about fun but about improving your skill and give you a little sport, right?

With footvolley game, you can get it in the best way!

Before we tell you about basic rules to play footvolley you should know and understand, let’s know better about footvolley : when and where you should play it for your most perfectly fun time.

When : the best time to play footvolley is morning or afternoon. Some people also say that footvolley game is great to be played at evening but that’s up to your decision. For the best time, playing footvolley when morning comes will be a perfect activity to do : after breakfast and you just want to get a little sport together with all of your friends.

Where : Of course the best place to play footvolley game is near the beach or ocean! Fresh air and very lovely view! It’s also very challenging place because the aggressive wind will be your second biggest enemy after your rival team.

To practice the footvolley game, you also need to get great sport skill—-especially for kicking, hitting and smashing with your foots. If you have long legs and very good flexibility, that will be an advantage to win the point of game. We also give you some tips : before the game begins, better to take some time to stretch your foots or move your legs frequently so you will completely ready for the big time in game.

What about basic rules for footvolley game? Actually, the rules are not difficult to know and also basically same with other volleyball and football games. But of course you should know the important rule : you’re not allowed to use your hands to hit or smash the volleyball. More than that, you also need to know that besides using your foots, you can use your shoulders, head, thighs and chests to support and control the movement of ball. But remember to pay attention of your body because some players are not realize they use their hands to hit or smash the ball. So, be clear about your own balance and fast movement!

And one thing, the number of players also should be arranged in the beginning. Usually, footvolley game can be played with 2 players on each side but for the maximum numbers, you can play this game with 5 versus 5 players (this is the most maximum numbers of all). Of course the more players you invite to the game will make much more difficult decision for the strategy or achieving the matching points.

So, what do you think? Ready to play footvolley game together with all of your friends?

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