Blackjack Extreme Review

Blackjack Extreme Review

Blackjack Extreme Review

Blackjack Extreme Review

Blackjack is one of all time favorite card games. And now that we can play it online, it’s definitely getting more interesting. If you are looking for an Online Blackjack with excellent gameplay that you can play with your Facebook friends, Blackjack Extreme is the right answer for you. Combining our two favorite game, Blackjack, and Poker, Blackjack Extreme Review is a brand new way to play a card game with more excitement.


Blackjack Extreme is a online unlimited blackjack game played in Poker table with betting system available. This is not something we commonly find in other Blackjack online games, so this could be very interesting for you.

You can log in with your Facebook account and play with your choice of friends, or you can play as a guest and let the game find random players for you. This game is accessible via Facebook or smartphone and Play BJX website.

Playing Blackjack Extreme won’t rip your money off since you will get a lot of chip bonuses to play. By logging in daily, you can get a lot of random casino bonuses. If you log in via BJX application in your smartphone, you will also get numerous amounts of chips.

The graphic is nice and the addition of Poker table really gives Blackjack Extreme a good feature. You can also switch between tables without losing any of the game automatically and the live chat feature which enables you to communicate to other players freely makes the game more engaging for the players.

Tips and Tricks

It’s fun to play Blackjack Extreme since you have to rely on your skill and not merely luck. When it’s your turn to be the dealer, make sure you use this chance to increase your chance of winning.  You can also use the live chat feature to bluff and scare the other players about what you got in your hand.

You will get a lot of chips as a bonus every time you log in either via application or Facebook. If you are new in Blackjack and you are not sure what to do, you can take these bonuses into the advantage by using them wisely and not using real money. Remember that Blackjack Extreme is a combination of Blackjack and Poker. So there will be blind bet using Poker schedule and other rules of Poker you will find in this game. To get a head start, make sure you also familiarize yourself with Poker rules before playing this game.

In-App Purchases

In Blackjack Extremes, you can either play with chips or real money. We need to use a chip that can be acquired in various methods in the game. But if you feel you want to increase your chance of winning by betting a lot of chips, you can buy chips with various packages available with real money. This way, you can earn money with the right skill.

Playing Blackjack Extreme is very easy since it adopts all the rules in Blackjack original games. Even though the feature is limited, with no tournament mode, this is still a nice choice of game to play in your spare time. With betting feature and Poker-like table, Blackjack extreme will give us a new sensation in playing online card games.


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