Dragon Mahjong Game Review

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Dragon Mahjong Game Review

Have you ever played or, at least, heard of the dragon mahjong? If you have not, then you’d better read some information that will be presented in this article. In the last few years, online game has been getting more and more popular. The game is not only popular for the children and teenagers, but it is also highly popular for the adults and seniors alike. In fact, some of the online games that have captured a lot of people’s attention recently include the online card game, fighting game, and board game. Three types of these games are highly loved by many gamers around the world. If you are into a board game, then you should try an online game named dragon mahjong. Just like it sounds, this game is actually derived from an old chinese board game. This game is getting very popular recently because of its fantastic rule of play. This game is quite simple to follow by anyone. The rule is that you just have to remove all of the stacked-up piles on the board and that is when you win the game. Here is some more detailed information about the game that you might need to know.

How To Play Dragon Mahjong?

As what has been mentioned before, the rule is very simple. You just need to remove all of the stacked-up piles from the board. You need to match two tiles which are identical and it will make them disappear from the board. In this game, the matching tiles do not always mean that they should be having the same appearance or even number. For instance, the flower tiles can match with the plant tiles. The problem is that, not all of the tiles are free for you. You can only pick the tile which does not have other tiles one side at least. You will win the game if you are able to clear all of the tiles from the board that you are playing in. The game can also end when there is no other tiles that match. There was a time when you have no idea of which way to go. When you are facing that experience, which is when you know that you are in need of the Hint button. This will help you to find the matching pairs on the board. However, once you use this button, your point will be reduced.

How To Win Dragon Mahjong?

Just like any other board games that you have known, in this game, you need more than just strategy. In fact, you also need a good luck to win the game. The only key of success of winning this board game is knowing every single step that you are doing carefully. For instance, instead of using the Hint Button for fun, it will be much better if you use it for knowing all of the available pairs on the layout of the game that you are in. After you have known the pairs, do not directly remove them before you have considered all of the options that you have on the board. That is one tip that you can apply when you are playing dragon mahjong.


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