Enjoy Playing Casino Games with Lots of Bonuses

Enjoy Playing Casino Games with Lots of Bonuses

Lucrative bonuses are the best offer that online casinos give to its customers. You can find various online casinos on the internet which promise countless bonuses. However, QQ288 is one of few online casinos which live up to its claims. What are you waiting for? Enjoy playing casino games with lots of bonuses on QQ288!

Enjoy Playing Casino Games with Lots of Bonuses

Enjoy Playing Casino Games with Lots of Bonuses
Enjoy Playing Casino Games with Lots of Bonuses

Reward Point Lucky Draw

This promotional offer has been started on April 27, 2017. The offer is available for all members of the online casino who deposit their cash using THB, RMB, IDR, VND, and MYR currencies. Until the time when the jackpot prize is won, the size will keep on growing bigger. Hence, you can win a life-changing sum of money. Moreover, players can also collect the rewards points which they can later trade to be lucky draw ticket.

The Month of E-Game

This special event is applicable for various online slot games. The amazing promotional offers have been going since March 6, 2017. All members who deposit their cash using the MYR currency are able to reap benefits from this amazing benefits.

The bonus you get from this program will be directly given. After customers to the games providers and choose the offer, you can immediately obtain the bonus. The offer is applicable for all slot games provided in the site. However, you cannot get the bonus by playing the slots developed by Playtech and other non-slot games such as arcade, table games, et cetera.

Special Edition Extra Bonus 200%

Since November 1, 2016, you can enjoy this promotional offers on QQ288’s site. Similar to the previous offer, every member who deposits their cash to the online casino with the MYR currency can take advantages of the promo. The maximum amount of bonus that you can obtain is 700 MYR.

Several reputable gaming software developers support this promotional offer; they are Playtech, Asia Gaming, Poker, I-Sports, Allbet, other sports and non-slot games. In order to get this bonus, you must reach the required turnover of 20x during the deadline. At the maximum, you can get your deposit of 100 MYR, the bonus 200 MYR is included. This sum of cash will be multiplied by 20 to get the total 6000 MYR.

Welcome Bonus 20%

This awesome welcoming bonus is applicable for each member of the gambling site who deposits their cash with the MYR currency. You can get this special welcoming bonus by playing all the games on the online betting site. Yet, the offer excludes the products of Playtech, Poker, Allbet, and Asia Gaming. Other non-slot games and sports are also excluded.

The deadline for this promotion is 30 days after players take part in the offer. During this period, players must fulfil the requirement by reaching the turnover of 8x. For example, you deposit 100 MYR. The sum of cash will be added to the bonus of 20 MYR then multiplied by 8. Hence, you can get the total sum of money of 960 MYR.

Besides the bonuses that we have explained above, QQ288 still have plenty of other bonuses. You can enjoy playing casino games with lots of bonuses on the site. Having very reasonable requirements, you can easily get the benefits of the promotional offers and use that to increase your winning opportunities!

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