Fun Twist of Solitaire in Musketeer Solitaire

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Fun Twist of Solitaire in Musketeer Solitaire

What kind of online casino games you love to play when you are online on Facebook? Do you fancy card games and keep on searching for good and fun card games? What about trying Musketeer Solitaire? This is also a very fun game to be tried although unlike the online casino card games, this one won’t be profitable (you won’t earn money from the game) – it’s not a gambling game to begin with. That being said, the Musketeer Solitaire is still a very fun game to be tried and you can play the game from your Android device as well.

You might have been able to guess that it’s a solitaire game. Yup, it’s that solitaire where game players will need to sort the scattered cards according to the value of the cards. Musketeer Solitaire has its own twist in this gameplay of sorting card.

Gameplay, Tips and Tricks

When you play the game, you will need to sort the cards – within a time limit of 150 seconds per level – by clicking on the opened cards. The value of the opened card must be one point higher or lower than the foundation cards regardless the suit. You’re also allowed to open stocked cards while playing. When you go up to higher levels, there will be more twist such as locked cards those need to be unlocked with a key somewhere within the piles of cards. There are also golden cards those need to be removed to finish the level.

The level will end when you are stuck (no more moves available). When this happens, you’ll lose a “life” (indicated by hearts on the upper left part of the screen) and need to use booster to continue. Joker can be used as booster or a way to continue from the stuck level. The initial usage of joker is free but the next usages will be charged for 20 crystals/diamonds. Crystals or diamonds are in-game currencies needed to purchase more “life” and more boosters (Joker).

The game is pretty easy and fun but if you play without wanting to pay, you will need a little bit tricks. First of all, your “life” will be restored by one every 30 minutes. Second of all, Wheel of Fortune is a great way for you to get free crystals or diamonds. You can spin the wheel once every day.

Free or Paid?

Whether you wish to pay for the game or not is your own choice. Musketeer Solitaire is relatively easy but you might get stuck pretty often if you play randomly without carefully click the cards. If you decided to pay for the game, it will certainly become an easier game to play as you can buy diamonds or crystals to be used to get more boosters and “life” as well as getting extra spins in Wheel of Fortune.

Musketeer Solitaire is targeted more for fun and made to be great for offline play. If you want to compete in tournaments, this game is not for you because the game is more of a casual game for casual gamers. Nevertheless, the game is fun anyway.

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