Giorgio Chiellini for Italy National Team at Euro 2016

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Giorgio Chiellini for Italy National Team at Euro 2016

Giorgio Chiellini will become a key player for Italy national team that will have tactical approach at Euro 2016. The tight back line should be firstly prioritized in the Azzurri side and the team will be lucky because they have Chiellini that is known as the best defender in the world. In his last tournament in international level, the only one who picked up more caps rather than the domestic teammate of him was the legendary goalkeeper of Juventus Gianluigi Buffon. If the luck is still gotten by Italy at the next summer tournament, the organizational and technical skill of Chiellini will certainly prove essential.

The Profile of Giorgio Chiellini

Nowadays, Giorgio Chiellini is the finest defender player of Italy accompanied by Alessandro Nesta that went back from the international tournament after year 2006. In his club Juventus, Chiellini also becomes a defender. He develops fast in the current few years and today he is a player in the top level. He initialized his career as a left back player, then when he enters Juventus, he changes his position to become a central defender in the team.

Giorgio Chiellini has a very tall body and it gives advantages of strength on the air. His key components to become a great soccer player is his athleticism and physical strength. His achievements also have proven that he is yes a great defender. In 2008 and 2009, he got the nomination as the best defender of the year from AIC (Italian Footballer’s Association). Besides, he also got an Olympic Bronze Medal occupied in Athens 2004. However in 2006, he wasn’t playing in the World Cup.

The first experience of Chiellini in Italy was coached by Roberto Donadoni. He replaced Nesta that had been retired from the club. However, in 2008, he was failed to enter Euro 2008 tournament for his injury that was accidentally caused by Fabio Cannavaro. Then, with Christian Panucci he became a regular center defender for Italy. In the tournament, he was a shining Italian player. He marked Fernando Tores well as long as the last tournament against Spain.

The Winning Possibility for Italy

Italy become mostly underwhelming since they reached the final round of European Championships in 2013, even they were one of the world football champions. Meanwhile, the Azzurri won five great tournaments and they always become one of the candidates in Euros.

Many people agree that Italy hasn’t been exciting meanwhile Antonio Conte became the manager after their disappointing performance in World Cup in Brazil last year. On the other hand, they made grind achievement after the tournament against Bulgaria resulting draw and won against Malta resulting one goal, Azerbaijan approved the suspicion that their recent aging stars crop and lack quality is had by Serie A.

Though, Italy ever performed in the best play with the backs to the wall of them, and they are a team that will be difficult to beat. So, anyone may not doubt of them. We will see whether Chiellini will give best performance for the team winning or not.




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