Guide about Germany Team for Euro 2016

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Guide about Germany Team for Euro 2016

This is the details to know about Germany soccer team profile in their way to Euro 2016 in France.

The Head Coach

The head coach of Germany national team in Euro 2016 is Joachim Low. He will be still with his assistants Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voorman Beatles. Low was chosen as a head coach and hoped to reach success like Jurgen Klinsmann that coached Germany in 2004. After his success in coaching the Germany national team, Austria and Turkey, all people are sure he will be success too in this event. The two coaches met in a coaching course, so they have the same philosophy on attacking. They were successful to bring Germany to the 3rd place in 2006 World Cup.

After Low replaced Klinsmann to coach Germany, he brought the team as a runner-up winner in Euro 2008, semi-finals at Euro 2012, and also achieving bronze medal at 2014 World Cup in Brazil. After he was put down as a loser by the German press for the soccer team was defeated by Spain in semi-final round of 2010 World Cup, he made it as something to bring him to the success in the next coaching; four years later and also in Euro 2016.

The Quality of Germany

At Euro 2016, Germany is in Group D that will push them to Poland that ever beat the team with 2-0 score in Warsaw and one point lost by Republic of Ireland in the world championship. Besides, the new Germany also beat Scotland in a couple times.

The players Thomas Muller, Ilkay Gundogan, Mario Gotze and Mesut Ozil can still scratch defense apart yet they don’t have reliable Plan B after the retirement of Miroslav Klose who always gives surprise tactics element. They have great system to play, yet has some weakness to resolute and defend quickly. Their weakness is at the full-back and among the center-backs and Bastian Schweinsteiger / Toni Kroos. However, the opponents are frequently on the back foot.

History of Tournament

The championship winning of Germany was in 1972, 1980, in the second place in 1976; Champions as West Germany. After the reunification, they become winners at Euro 1996, and runners-up in 1992

and 2008. In 1984, 2000, and 2002, Germany team got out of the group. Yet in 1986 and 2002 World cups, they were success to achieve the runner-up position. Meanwhile, in 2006, they were semi-finalists.

The Key Player of the Team

Manuel Neuer has extended his position through a revolution from sweeper-keeper to extent position and he renamed himself as Neuerbauer. He is one of the key players in Germany team with high risk defensive strategy of the team and he lets slow defenders to accept a higher line than the normal hazard of them since he is a great orthodox keeper. This team can’t play in the same certainty if they don’t have Neuer, even they have great deputy Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

The Rising Star in Germany Team

It is Julian Draxler, he was one of the men in 2014 World Cup squad that won the tournament. He was the attacking midfielder. However, since Marco Reus returns after injury break, many people are not sure that he will get the opportunity. The 22 years old man amazes many people with his skills of dribbling and crossing since his move to Wolfsburg last summer. However, he should look better than Reus, Ozil, Gundogan, Andre Schurrle and Muller to take this position.


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