How to Deke in Rock Hockey

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How to Deke in Rock Hockey

Deking is an advanced skill that makes a hockey game interesting to play and to watch. The purpose of deking is to deceive opponents so that you can run through them and get ready for a goal or an assist. Because deking is an advanced skill, you need a lot of practices to enhance your focus and to strengthen your reflex, two important factors of a successful deke. What we mean with practice is obviously a real match because you need another player that you have to deceive. The more you play online gambling ice hockey, the smarter you are in accomplishing a deke.

Although a large portion of your deking practices occurs on the rink during a real hockey game, there are actually some essential issues that you should comprehend in order to be able to pull off a deke and to lure opposing players out of their position. First, you should know how to get ready for a deke. Second, you have to know how to initiate a deceptive move. Third, you should know how to secede from the deceived player after you successfully accomplish a deke.

How to Get Prepared for a Deke?

Preparation is important when you want to deke. You have to monitor your opponent’s move and to determine the direction you want to take to break through his defensive line. If you are sure that a deke is unlikely to succeed, you can skate around him while keeping the puck on the farthest side from him. If you are confident with a deke, skate straight to him while dangling your puck casually so that your opponent thinks that he can retrieve the puck.

How to Execute a Deke?

Once you are face-to-face with your opponent, don’t make a sudden move until he makes the move first. When he makes a move to get the puck, pull the puck abruptly and push the puck so that it passes between his legs or under his stick. Your situation will be much better if you can execute advanced tricks like Michigan. Pick the puck and then throw it pass your opponent.

What Should You Do after Deking?

Now that you have passed your opponent and got him out of his position, your next task is to separate yourself from him while maintaining your possession of the puck. Use any means possible to protect the puck and to prevent your opponent from capturing it. Your skillful movement and your body are your best assets to keep the puck in your possession. After you get separated from your opponent, get ready to accelerate because your next focus should be your opponent’s goal. You can either score a goal if there is an opportunity to do it or pass it to your attacking teammate who has the advantage to score a goal.

A successful deke gives you and your team the upper hand and opens a lot of winning opportunities for your team. Therefore, practice it and always try to improve your skill because your opponents are also improving their skill to circumvent your deke and to perform counterattack.


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