How to Improve your Golf Playing

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How to Improve your Golf Playing

How to Improve your Golf Playing

How to Improve your Golf Playing – There are many things that you can do to improve your golf playing, such as grip and swing techniques. If you are a beginner, you may have problems with these two techniques since there are weak and strong versions of it. Practicing a lot will make you familiar with them. Besides, you can also read references on how to improve these example techniques that we would like to share but before we give you some examples on how you can improve in playing Golf, you should first understand how to play this sport , One of the ways on how will you know that you understand this sport is to try sports betting online in trusted sports betting sites. You will surely learn while having fun in this sport. Now, that we are done about on how to understand the game, Here are the example techniques that we would like to share to you:


At the beginning, you may have a weak grip. This means that you rotate your hands on the club shaft closer to the target. This weak grip causes knuckles around your forefinger of a dominant hand. If your grip is still weak, it will affect to the swing that ends to be difficult to hit the ball. On the other hand, a strong grip means that you can rotate the side of your club away from the ball. A Strong grip will result in a good swing so that your club can really hit the ball.

To make you feel relax as well as to gain more accuracy, loose your grip for a short game. This will lose the distance since it is just a short game. You can grip normally for this kind of game but still concentrate on the creases from your fingers. The creases are created from forefingers and thumbs and if your dominant hand is right hand, these should directly aim to the left side of your chin. The creases should make V form and the point of V should point to the target.

For putting, you can angle your wrist down since it can minimize the motion of your wrists.  Move your club back with your dominant hand so it lies perfectly on your palm. You can hold the club like playing baseball and hold it with 10 fingers to turn your wrists down. In the end, your club will swing smoothly and closely like what you desire.


Besides of grip, you also need to know swing method. The first thing you have to know is the distance of your foot and body from the ball. Your foot should be behind the ball and the foot that becomes the point is the same as your dominant hand. Don’t lift your foot point too early when you are swing since you need power and proper distance in hitting the ball.

For elbow position, it should touch your hip. This position can be made by keeping close the right arm and the hip so the arms will manage your club instead of your body and hands. Actually, the point to make a good swing lies to the club’s work. It is not about how hard you shot the ball. You only need to stay focus on the middle of the target ball and control your position and swing energy. This needs the practice to make your able control your emotion and energy so that the ball will go to the right place.

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