How to know 1×2 and odds in playing soccer betting game

Your most awaited game will start any time from now but you should know what is 1×2 and odds in playing soccer betting.  You’ve done enough legwork and supported the home team. You prepared already a beer and right now sitting for the start of the kick-off.  While waiting, do you have any idea about what these odds are? If your answer is no, then this might be the right time for you to start analyzing these stuff.  This can give you opportunity to increase you odds in winning your soccer betting websites matches where you placed you bets.

How to know 1×2 and odds in playing soccer betting game


1×2 – What is this?

Referred also as match free betting sports, three-way betting or full time betting is a prominent way of betting is soccer. This can be also found on other kinds of sports wherein the possible result is a draw. The name itself seems unusual for the bet, causing some confusion. However, if you tried sports betting before, then you already know how it feels like to wage here.

If you weren’t aware, 1×2 symbolize for 3 possible results in a certain game. 1 signifies away team win, then X is for the draw while 2 signifies the winning home team.  Take note that 1×2 market will not offer any type of handicap but rather the odds here simply specify the chance of every results occurring.

Say for instance, here’s a 1×2 bet for Champions League match:

1 – Barcelona (-225)                 X – Draw (+350)          2- Man City (550)

With that, you could see that 1×2 bet is just like moneyline wager, which have 3 possible outcomes. In the above example, Barcelona seems to be the favourite that will win the match. On the other hand, Manchester City is the underdog.

The odds

In best sportsbook online, you could also have no draw bets or even double chance bets, which lower the number of potential results right from three down to two.  You must do efficient calculation so you can figure out if you are going to receive better return that will split your total wager on 1×2 betting option or waging no draw bets and double chance.

Like what they have mentioned, this bet could be found on any type of sports, which has three possible results namely away win, home win and draw.  As what you know, soccer is one of the most famous when it comes on 1×2 betting but this is still available for some sports such as rugby and hockey.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be confused between probability and odds. They are not the same but they are truly related.  When you say probability, this is real number right between 0 as well as 1 wherein 0 symbolizes 0%. It only means that there’s no possible chance on the event happening while 1 symbolizes hundred percent that the said event will occur. Meanwhile, odds are utilized in expressing probability ratio of an event against the possibility that it will not happen.

Now that you know some of the basic concept in 1×2 betting as well as odds in playing soccer betting game, you can now proceed betting as much as you want to. But don’t forget to conduct a little more research other than the above stated information. Though that doesn’t assure you win but it will help you boost your chance to hit success any time soon. Make your life more convenient and easier with these tips. Good luck!

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