How To Learn Footvolley In Fast Way

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How To Learn Footvolley In Fast Way

Do you ever heard the word of “Footvolley”? Maybe a beach volleyball is a close word you often to hear but footvolley must be something new or strange you just knew in a minute. It’s ok because this game is rarely know for many people and that’s why we want to introduce you about it.

To make it easier to know, we can say that footvolley is more like a combination of beach volleyball and football game. Footvolley is mostly known in Brazil and also famous in international countries such as America, U.K, Australia and Italy. Although this game sounds strange in Asian countries but nowadays, footvolley game also be introduced frequently in the whole South-east countries.

So, how to do it and learn it in fast way? It’s very easy to learn about footvolley game because the basic rules are actually same with beach volleyball. The players of each side (right and left side) are basically from 5 versus 5 people for the maximum number. But mostly, the players are in 3-3 or 2 versus 2—-that’s what often to be arranged in one footvolley game nowadays.

Because this game is about combination of beach volleyball and football game, of course that means you should use your foot to smash, hit and handle the volleyball. In the other words, you’re not allowed to use your hands for the whole time in game. What about the score or point you should get for every rounds? The score rule is completely same with original volleyball game and sometimes depend on the players theirselves. Mostly, in international rules, the matching scores on one round are about 15 points to 18 points. But it’s possible that there are more points for the limit of game.

Now, let’s talk about the way to learn footvolley game in fast way. One thing you should know : if you know how to play original volleyball game, the way to learn footvolley game won’t be difficult thing anymore. Also for football players who used to kick and hit the ball on the ground. Footvolley will be like a new challenging game for your very fun pleasure.

Another way to learn footvolley game in fast way also by reading the tips and guides on internet. Yes, you can read about specific rules and tips to learn footvolley online. More than that, there are some video tutorials for your best recommendation so you will get the big picture about the way to learn footvolley game in fast way. It’s that simple to understand and know how to practice it perfectly.

After that, you can invite some of your friends, make a footvolley game near your home or maybe on the yard. If you plan to go to the beach, this game is also can be the best consideration to be played. Just remember to have fun, prepare all the rules and strategy so you will win the whole point of game.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring volleyball as the main attribute of your footvolley game. Good luck and happy together!


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