How to Play Cricket

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How to Play Cricket

Do you familiar with cricket? Cricket is a ball sport game which comes from England. The game is almost same as softball because it uses small ball and sticker. This sport game is played on the round field and has boundary. There are two teams which play the games. Each team has 11 players and the game is determined by a score called “run”. Before the game started, the arbiter of the game draws which team who start the game. After that, one team will send two players to do “batting” on the two sides on center of the field. The opponent team must prepare a bowler and the rest of the players (10 players) do the “fielding” or catching the ball after the ball has been beaten.

This game does not use timing format as at the football or a set as at the tennis and volley ball. The players play ball series which is called “over”. One over consists of 6 balls or pitches. On the formal championship team will play 50 over in the other words they play 300 balls and on the One Day International (ODI) Test they play 90 over or the other words they play about 540 balls. It is the reason why cricket is played from morning until afternoon, which means it is played full one day.

In this game, bowler team will try to fall down the “stud” that is a thing which lay above three poles on the behind each batsman in each pitch. If the ball pitch fall down the stud or the ball which is beaten can be catches by the opponent before reach the ground, so the batsman have to out from the field and called “wicket”. If all the players get the wicket, there is no one which will do the “batting”, so the game is over until there.

The batting team will block the ball to the poles and strike the ball. sport betting sites The pitch must not be too fast and can be directed to the all direction to avoid the opponent’s catch. From this pitch and batting, the scores are gotten. If the players beat the ball to the outside of the boundary, without reach the ground, the team will get 6 runs, but if the ball reaches the ground and the boundary the team will get 4 runs. And, if the ball does not touch and reach the boundary, then the runs is decided by how much the batsman runs from one stud to the others stud. It can be 1 run, 2 runs, or 3 runs. The teams must collect many runs to win the games.

Usually, a cricket big championship is held until three days. Each event is determined by how long the rest time, how long the game and also how long the eating rest time. This game is good to make solidarity between each members of the team and to respect the opponent team. So, let’s try to play cricket with the friends.

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