Mah jong Quest Online Games

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Mah jong Quest Online Games

Mah Jong Quest is way fun to play in your leisure time. It will sharpen your thinking skills and reaction time since this game requires you to move fast. The online version also will give you an ease since you simply select the cards by clicking. Also, the design is more attractive with some beautiful characters on each of the cards. If you are still confused about the rule of Mah Jong Quest, read the following explanation. It is very simple and quick to understand even for beginners and children.

How to Play Mah Jong Quest

There are many piles of cards with different characters once you play the game. What you should do in playing the game is clicking on the two matching cards to get rid of them from the board. It sometimes will confuse you since there are a lot of images and your sight will not see it accurately. However, you cannot simple click the same cards if the left and the right side are blocked or if there are cards on top of them. Is it very simple right? Just click the same cards you see and you have to reach the goal. The goal is to remove the golden cards Yin and Yang before the time runs out. You will be level up if you have finished the first board and the challenge will be increased. There is also Undo button if you want to cancel your move.

How to Win

Remember that you do not have to remove all same cards on the whole game table, but you simply find the golden cards Yin and Yang to finish the game. When you are done with the golden cards, you will get bonus cards for all cards that have not been opened yet. After all, consider all of your moves. Leave unnecessary move and focus to uncover the golden cards. Sometimes, you will see that there are more than one pair that can be made. Before you click the pair, you have to consider which one will bring better move. If there are three same cards, choose two cards which can uncover new cards. If you want more score, you can boost your point once you get Dragon, Magnets and Dynamite cards. It will help you to get rid the cards around those special cards. In addition, you can press Undo button if you think you just make a wrong move. It is necessary to use Undo button if your situation is quite difficult and hard to find a pair card.

It is also suggested to learn the sets of tiles. There is an exact order that you can learn in Mah Jong tiles to get bigger winning chance. It is necessary to discard special and isolated winds earlier. First, you get rid the east wind and the wind on left player side, player opposite to you, and the right one. After that, try to get rid the dragons tiles then terminal tiles. Try to choose the smaller numbers and keep number 4, 5, or 6. Overall, Mah Jong Quest will train you to think more thoroughly with the interesting puzzle that can entertain your mood.


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