The National Teams of Group B Euro 2016

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The National Teams of Group B Euro 2016 – EURO 2016 have six groups with four teams in each group. They used to have four pots to classify the most favorites teams and the least favorite teams. In Group B Euro 2016 we have England, Russia, Wales, and also Slovakia.

The prospect of England national team in this Euro 2016 is wide open. England uses their young player for this championship. They did the trial in last 2014 World Cup, and they had learned some points for lesson. The strategy is different like what Hodgson did in last Euro 2012. He takes charge a month prior to Euro 2012’s finals he had since September. Now, he uses 33 players for England national team. England has a great winning record. They are able to get 31 goals, seven of it are from Wayne Rooney. In 1968, England is the third of the four finalist. In 1996 they also become the semi-finalist of Euro 1996. They hosted the championship at that time. The key player for England national team is Wayne Rooney. It is his sixth time playing in this championship, and in this year he will be the captain.

The second country in Group B Euro 2016 is Russia. They did not win in last 2014 World Cup, but the fortune rises when Fabio Capello join the team last July. With Capello, they are able to gain 8 points from six games they play. They win over Sweden, which automatically makes them join the qualification. Russia is the winner of the Soviet Union in 1960. They also become the finalist of the championship in 1964, in 1972, and in 1988. In 2008, they become the semi-finalist of the Soviet Union. The key player of this national team is Sergei Ignashevich. He is now 36 years old, but still remaining vital to play. Russia is led by Leonid Slutsky. When he was 19 years old, he fell. It ended up his career, and now he become a  couch.

We have Wales in Group B Euro 2016. They have waited this year for 58 years. They never join major tournament before. Wales are lost once when they face Bosnia Herzegovina. They are able to get four goals. In 1976 they reached the quarter finals. They start the debut for the finals. The key player is Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. You can find other premier leagues players in this national team like Joe Allen, James Collins,  Ben Davies, Aaron Ramsey, Andy King, and many more.

The last country in Group B is Slovakia. This Euro 2016 is their first appearance. Euro 2016 also becomes their second major tournament to join. At the 2010 World Cup they reach the last 16. They face Italy and Spain in the qualification process. Facing those big boys, they are not afraid. They got home victory when facing Spain, which is great for them. The key player is Marek Hamsik who is also the captain of Napoli. They also have Martin Skrtel from Liverpool who will strengthen their squad. Check their full team now.


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