Why You Should Play Footvolley

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Why You Should Play Footvolley

What do you say when you hear the word of Footvolley? Maybe this is the first time you hear this word or maybe you feel this is a strange or even dangerous game to be played for beginners. Well, if you only know footvolley game in a glance, maybe it looks dangerous and only for professional. But that’s not true because this game can be played by all people—-and of course the beginners who never play this before.

Before we tell you how to improve your techniques when playing footvolley game, let’s know several reasons why you should play footvolley for spare time or holiday weekend. Let’s read the explanations below :

– Why you should play footvolley? Because you want a totally different game with challenging technique and style. If you feel bored or tired with ordinary beach volleyball that using hands, the way of playing footvolley is very interesting to try. Who’s excited to try smashing or winning the volleyball by using their foots and thighs? The challenge will give you more than just an ordinary experience. Sure you will get a great time!

– Besides the challenging technique and style. What’s really good about footvolley is to improve your body strength, especially for your foot parts. By playing footvolley game, you will practice the movement and strength of your foot, the flexibility, the balance when kicking and hitting, also you will improve your body to be more active and stronger.

– Another reason why you should play footvolley game is also because this game is so fun and addictive. There are studies that describe how the team-work game is more addictive than single-player games. And footvolley is one of those addictive-to-play games. More than that, footvolley game is a good game to remove your stressful mind, give you a little bit peace and calm feeling. Very great for your psychology.

– Last but not the least, why you should play footvolley game is also to experience something outside your comfort zone. If you feel afraid or don’t want to try something that looks strange or dangerous, footvolley game is like your opportunity to challenge your own self. By playing this, you will experience new zone that will open up your better feeling and thought.

Overall, footvolley game is a fun yet new game to be played together with your friends. If you completely feel bored with the idea of ordinary beach volleyball or just want to find new way of football game, footvolley is a big recommended game to try. Just remember one thing : this footvolley game will need big preparation, especially if the whole members are beginners and never play this before. You can prepare it by searching the whole tips and preparation rules on internet. More than that, some stretching also can help your flexibility so you will get the best time when playing footvolley game.

So, what do you think? Let’s get your volleyball and experience your big pleasure by playing footvolley with your lovely friends!

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